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Sprinkler Products

While proper installation and service is key to any sprinkler system, installing the right products makes your sprinkler system rise above the rest. That is why we as a company use the best materials suited for the job. All Green Lawn Sprinklers is fully licensed and insured and is an authorized service company for such well-regarded brands as Hunter, Rainbird, Toro, Netafim Drip Irrigation, and Irritrol.

The following are several sprinkler products used by All Green Lawn Sprinklers on most of our residential irrigation systems.

Products We Use:

Controller – Water Timer

Function: Enables both the contractor and you, the end-user, to set watering times and days and adjust these according to local requirements. The easy-to-use interface and simplified programming is designed to make the lawn watering process simpler.

Importance: Once installed, in just a few button-clicks, you are able to manage the entire irrigation process yourself.

Drip Irrigation

Function: A type of micro-irrigation system that drips water directly onto the roots of plants, via a series of tubes containing small holes at specifically placed intervals. By placing water right in the root zone, this system minimizes evaporation.

Importance: Drip irrigation is only installed where plants are located, so minimal water is wasted, which reduces cost in the long-run.


Function: Irrigation valves are the heart of your irrigation system. Valves allow water through the main piping system and disperse proper water volume to each zone. This ensures that sprinkler heads operate at the most optimized performance possible. Valves also allow the sprinkler system to operate automatically with a control timer.

Importance: Allow the sprinkler system to operate both automatically and manually with proper water flow.

Rain Sensors

Function: Alerts your sprinkler system to stop irrigating when it is raining outside.

Importance: Prevents your plants from getting over-watered and conserves water, lowering costs in the long-run, when compared to self-installed garden sprinklers.

Sprinkler Mist Head

Function:Provides even spray-watering for your plants. Ideal for plants that require a delicate spray pattern, or areas with slow-absorbing soil, like clay. Mist heads distribute less water per hour than other sprinkler types, so this type of head is very cost efficient.

Importance: Maintains the health of your plants and flowers without wasting water.

Rotating Gear Head

Function: Provides evenly dispersed water to large grass areas. Automatically pops-up and rotates when needed and drops flush to the ground when not in use.

Importance: Supplies water to your lawn automatically with both accuracy and efficiency.

Brands We Use: